Collection 01

Collection based on four main subjects: Kinetic art, basic geomotric shapes, new technologies and hand-made process. We took some of the color theories from kinetic artists in order to create prints that generate optical illusion, that were digitally printed on different fabrics such as neoprene and cotton. We also used knitting machines to make our own knit fabrics with kinetic patterns. We model small geometric pieces made by 3d printer machines that are embroider to some of the garments. These pieces are also design thinking about the idea of creating optical effects.

Models: Shari Demas and Marta Urdampilleta

Make-up: Teresa Cristaldo

Collaboration: Alexis Balda and Lucía Torrens

Catwalk: Vejer FashionWE 2016

Manuela Mout Fashion design. No season clothing for open minded
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